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Raw BG Molado exotic curl Tape ins

Raw BG Molado exotic curl Tape ins

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Do you have naturally low to medium density hair? Are you looking to add volume and/or length? Do you want extensions that will last you for a while?

Tape-in hair extensions may be a great option for you. Choose from our different hair textures. 

Tape-in hair extensions allow you to style your hair freely as the extensions are almost undetectable in your hair.

Our RAW BG MOLADO EXOTIC curly hair boasts a distinctive curl pattern, perfect for those seeking a unique style. The curls are both soft and loosely defined, making them an excellent fit for women with 3b/3c/4a/4b textured hair. Experience tangle-free and low-maintenance beauty, easily achieved by using water and styling foam for a effortlessly fluffy look with your extensions.

- Medium luster

- 100g per bundle

- Unprocessed authenticity

- Single wefts for convenient styling

- Prices are for individual bundles, each possessing its own unique characteristics

For shorter lengths, we recommend 2/3 bundles, while 4 bundles are ideal for lengths of 28" or longer. Unleash your style effortlessly with our MOLADO EXOTIC curly hair.

 At Beyond Glam Hair, we redefine your hair expectations. Our commitment to organic curation is backed by a decade of expertise in the raw hair industry. Partnering with small family-based factories enables us to meticulously control and maintain quality. Here's our unique selling point: Beyond Glam Hair guarantees hair free from synthetic fibers, animal hair, and any unpleasant odors. Immerse yourself in the essence of PURE HAIR – our strands even boast an irresistibly delightful scent. Every bundle undergoes conditioner washing before reaching your hands, ensuring a truly luxurious experience.
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Customer Reviews

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Quinn Hahn

Great hair! When it arrived it was so beautiful,thick and soft.